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Assisting Private Landlords to Recover Rent Arrears in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

For many landlords across the UK, rent arrears are a real concern, as any loss of rent has a great impact on their ability to pay their mortgages. When rent arrears are left to spiral out of control, it can have a devastating effect on their business. At John Hornby, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, we specialise in dealing with rent arrears and helping recover the debt on your behalf. Our assistance for landlords doesn’t stop there, as we also assist with tenant screening, offering two different report processes.

Rent Arrears

Although debt is a reality for every type of business, it is particularly troubling for landlords letting in the private sector. This is because, unlike almost any other service provider, landlords are unable to terminate a contract with their tenant if payments are not received; only a court can order the end of a tenancy agreement because of non-payment.

John Hornby is here to help landlords. When you are owed rent, we will take on mediation with tenants on your behalf to try to bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties. However, should this process breakdown, we then proceed stage by stage, as follows:

Stage 1

Preparing possession notices. We will complete the relevant possession notices based upon the information supplied by the client.

Stage 2

If the tenant(s) do not leave the property, we can have the court paperwork prepared for possession hearings in the county court. These matters are normally dealt with at the first hearing, and we can arrange representation for you.

Stage 3

We will ensure that you have full representation for the final court hearing. Matters are usually resolved at this hearing and no other hearings are required. However, should there be complications and other hearings are required, we will ensure you are fully represented at them.

Stage 4

Should the tenants not leave the property, we will, as bailiffs, carry out forceful removal.


We also offer a Property Management Service

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