Complete Debt Recovery and Enforcement Service

Building Rescue Plans for Businesses in Debt in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Business owners periodically assess their financial situation. If company debts are increasing, consideration should be given as to whether a business rescue package is required. At John Hornby, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, we offer assistance to companies and private landlords, using our extensive experience to develop business debt rescue plans. This makes us proficient in achieving rapid action, offering you a protective buffer, through mediation, to give you breathing space. Depending on your situation, this may take the form of:

-Debt Restructuring through Negotiations with All Parties Concerned

-Possible New Financial Investment
-Possible Sale of the Company

What is Business Rescue?

Business rescue projects involve managing and implementing bespoke solutions to assist companies in raising the funds they require to survive. When you choose a business rescue package from John Hornby, we are required to asset manage within a range of areas, including finance, strategy, commercial, and stakeholder management. Our experts will then build a tailored solution to get you out of trouble. There are business rescue options available to companies of all kinds who are struggling with ongoing debt issues, so do not hesitate to call us for assistance.

You do not have to wait until you have received legal action before seeking our assistance. If you want to learn more about debt collection and enforcement protocol, visit the government’s website .

Distressed Refinance

When a business is in difficulty and, due to increasing cash pressure, has very little time to find a solution, it may be necessary for it to refinance its debt facilities. John Hornby helps distressed businesses to complete accelerated refinance projects and secure the funding they require to stay afloat, therefore ensuring they have the time to continue to explore business rescue and restructuring strategies.

Contact us now, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, to discover more about our solutions for business and company debt.