Complete Debt Recovery and Enforcement Service

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Complete Debt Recovery and Enforcement Service

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Turn to an Experienced Debt Collecting Agency in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Collecting Debts on Your Behalf

Without an effective debt collection system, businesses see unpaid monies significantly dent their profits. Our experts provide a debt collection and recovery service that blends seamlessly with your current system to create a comprehensive solution.

Support for Private Landlords

Many private landlords find themselves faced with tenants who have not paid their rent, which puts the landlord’s business at risk. Our assistance for private landlords includes recovering rent arrears and screening potential tenants to avoid future risks.

Rescuing Plans for Businesses

A business that is faced with serious debts faces an uncertain future, and could cease to exist if the right rescue plan is not implemented. The expert team at John Hornby are on hand to develop a rescue plan that gives you more time to find a solution.

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About Us

Whether you have been chasing money owed to you for a long time, or your tenants haven’t paid rent for months, John Hornby is here to help. Based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, our debt collecting agency works with businesses, private landlords, and individuals throughout the UK, providing a comprehensive debt recovery and enforcement service. Our team of bailiffs is led by the owner of the company, John Hornby. John is a court enforcement officer who has been involved in private and commercial debt recovery and repossessions and court enforcement since 1992.

Our agency is a one-stop shop for all of your debt collecting, recovery, and repossession needs. All you need to do is get in touch with us, discuss your situation and what you are owed, and we will deal with all of the subsequent enforcements and court hearings. You can rest assured that we see the process through from start to finish, and we will never get third parties involved. Our team are fully and highly qualified to carry out all of our work, while we ensure each customer receives a personal service that is tailored to meet their individual requirements. To learn more about our work, or to discuss your situation with the professionals, do not hesitate to give us a call today!